Fly Away;

sweet bird of prey

Rachel Grey
15 November
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.not rachel. .not claire.
.all for canonwars.
alex summers, being occasionally prudeish, betsy's lack of clothing, bobby drake, bobby's ridiculous keywords, cold pizza, confusing the masses, cracking lesbian jokes, embarassing uncle alex, fire and ice, frequent sexual antics, hanging with dad, harry potter, hiding the porn!, incognito baseball, jean grey, kurt wagner, make-up sex, making fun of emma, making unusual friends, marvel girl, nate grey, nathan summers, not being a teacher, not dying, oral sex, ororo monroe, phoenix force, reading bad fanfiction, red sox, retarded boyfriends, saving the world, scott summers, south park, the couch, the x-men, topless bagel-toasting, tormenting bobby, vaguely sexual references, vanilla ice, watching baseball naked, xse